PPMetal® - Digital metal printing

Application areas:
Architecture, interior design, facades, advertising, railway stations, subway stations, airports.

Digital printing on metal has advantages in many aspects. Metals in their raw structure can produce spectacular illustrations, if the printing process for that is mastered. Even lacquered, metal is a medium perfectly to be processed, not only for architecture and interior design, but also for special illustration motifs. The excellent fire prevention features are often decisive for its application.

With our specific PP-printing method, you can process the material even after the metal printing. An important advantage! Because in conventional printing methods, the print film will break! But not with PPMetal®.

Of course, we can furnish our product PPMetal® with anti-graffiti protection. If you become a victim of a spray attack, the application of our anti-graffiti gel will help. After few minutes, this can be easily removed together with the graffiti paint.

Would you like to see the spectacular realisation of PPMetal®? Then be astonished about our reference project subway station Munich/Moosach. For you enjoyment!