PPPlastics® - Digital plastics printing with added value

Application areas:
Sign boards, hoardings, all-purpose signage, stadium advertisement, indoor and outdoor cladding of all types, inner lining for caravans.

The printing of plastics is one of our core competencies. The application areas are manifold. In the typical advertising technology / large-size digital printing area, all indoor and outdoor signage shapes, like stadium advertisement or sign boards, are among these applications. Another typical treatment is the direct printing on hard-PVC plates for exhibition stand construction.

Our product PPPlastics® goes even one step further. Applications with PPPlastics® can be warped, e.g. after the printing, or even deep-drawn without cracks in the ink film. Our method is successful e.g. in the caravan industry.

We would like to consult and show you, how you can add to your present applications an advanced treatment when using PPPlastics®.