PPWood® - Digital wood printing

Application areas:
Interior design, wellness and spa areas, saunas and steam baths, doors, partition systems, furniture industry.

Wood is nature. And nature creates the most beautiful designs. This is out of question. However, wood is very often not left in its natural beauty, but it is industrially processed. We have got already used to this look.

Give your wood design a new EXPERIENCE. With PPWood®, we transform your product into an emotionally inspiring object. Changing rooms in swimming pools become oases of wellbeing. PPWood® makes the print resistant against scratches, water and cleaning agents. Generate competitive advantages by conceptual, customer-oriented design in all areas of your company.

Our PPWood® has already found its way into the industry. Worldwide operating manufacturers of saunas and spas have previously realised these opportunities. Without doubt, a sauna complex is an investment project, which has to generate the highest possible return-on-investment. Old-fashioned wood shacks do not appeal to customers any longer. The expectations have changed. Upgrade your investment project. The competitors are already one step ahead. PPWood® is the solution.

Relevant certificates prove that the application of PPWood® will not cause any harm, even under sauna and steam bath conditions. Tests have demonstrated that even at 120°C PPWood® will not emit any harmful substances or odors. PPWood® is resistant against temperature changes, sweat, high humidity and high temperatures. We would like to consult you holistically.

Do you need any ideas, how to create worlds of experience and oases of wellbeing? Our design department would like to help you in optimizing your investment for the future.