Flags, beach-flags and banners

Flags and banners have always a high symbolic meaning.

You may signalize your point of view. Set dynamic stimuli. Achieve best possible attraction from far. We from Digital Media keep your actions flexible and your motifs brilliant for a long time – so that you are able to show your position also during stormy times.

Application areas:
Especially for outdoor use; because of the good print through and the associated transparency, these products and this material is often used indoors.

Flags / banners

Upright format – Outdoors they are hoisted at vertical masts and used indoors as wall decoration. By a horizontal bar at the upper edge, banners are always unfolded and thus show the viewer the whole picture.
The size is flexible depending on the local situation and the available masts. Banners should end as high as possible above ground.

Hoist flags / upright flags

Decoration flags and advertisement flags. They are attached at the mast’s long side and wave out over the mast’s short side. Therefore, they are fully unfolded already at light wind. This effect is intensified when featherlike flag fabrics are used. By the special mounting suspension, this flag format requires little space. Upright flags can be hoisted also at turning masts with horizontal bars – the advantage: the flag is always fully unfolded and the motif is visible even in still air.

We also care for the further processing: sewing of borders or tunnel seams (hollow borders for e.g. horizontal bars) or special ready-made flags with plastic carabiners etc.