PPGlass® - Digital glass printing

Area of application:

Partition walls, meeting rooms, glazing of walls in indoor zones, glass facades, kitchen corners, kitchen worktops, furniture fronts, glazed ceramics, swimming pools, bathrooms, wellness zones & spas, showcases for the automotive industry.

Digital Media has developed a core competence in mastering the sector "glass printing". The most difficult part is the adhesion of the colour film on the glass. Top quality is featured by utmost scratch resistance, resistance to moisture as well as to UV light. Moisture will peel the colour film off the glass and UV light will cause the colours to become yellow. This would make the application in outdoor zones, e.g. on building facades impossible due to the moisture and the UV light. Also in bathrooms, kitchens or wellness zones, defects would appear, when applied there.

For solving these problems, Digital Media has developed its own production process, providing maximum UV protection and extreme scratch resistance and making the digital printing products resistant against emissions, marine water as well as chlorine. For that, certificates acc. to DIN EN ISO 2409 and DIN EN ISO 11507 are present.

All of the NuVetro series are processed by this method, which is being used with great success in the automotive, bath & wellnes/spa industries, as well as in kitchen, domestic architecture and many others.