Many reasons for Print Protection™

Print Protection™ for wet areas

Digital direct printing on rigid materials with special coating

Luminous, long-lasting and extremely resistant printing results on inflexible materials like glass, acrylic glass, metal or wood – with our innovative Print ProtectionTM finishing process, Digital Media has set a new benchmark. The digital direct printing method with a special pre and post processing application satisfies the highest quality demands.

Digital Media has developed a finishing process, which optimizes the durability of the print on rigid surfaces. The result is a product that is extremely resistant to UV radiation, scratches, temperature fluctuations (was für eine temperatur?), emissions (which?), salt water and chlorinated products.

Once the finishing process is completed, the product is immediately ready to be submitted to further processing and suited for all applications  in- and outdoor. Examples include cladding, panelling, windows and various kinds of interior/exterior designs to be applied in hotels, kitchens, bathrooms, wellness areas and many more.

Print ProtectionTM and its special characteristics have been subjected to independent scientific tests and have received various certificates. The scratch resistant properties were tested according to DIN ES ISO 2409 and DIN EN ISO 11507. The print covering was tested according to its durability and reached best results in UV stability, cross cutting test and against temperature fluctuations.