Learn more about some of our selected reference projects. They shall serve as a first impression and inspire you, how we can uniquely realize your projects together with you in future.

The Hotel & Spa Jesolo (126 rooms and suites), is the latest 5-Star residence of the Falkensteiner Group. It is located directly at the beach to the Adriatic sea and designed by star architect Matteo Thun (Milan) and American architect Richard Meier.

The Digital Media GmbH was able to convince the interior design team with its Wallpaper and Print ProtectionTM glass product for the elevator interior. We were able to find sustainable solutions to problems regarding the original tapestry product and thus furnished all bed-heads of the rooms. The green gradient was not the only key factor. Our team suggested to introduce a printed textile finish to the product, which convinced the international designers team to whom we had a close contact.

Furthermore we were handed the task of printing the glass in all elevators in the hotel together with creation of the graphic design. 

Most interesting project in a splendid setting. Always worth a journey! 



One of our most recent projects, in which our Print ProtectionTM glass came to good use, was for the restyling of a 2.000m2 wellness area belonging to the 4-star-superior Hotel Ludinmühle in the Black Forest. The interior-designer created a relaxation oasis with spectacular, large back lighted macro pictures of various dandelion clocks.

The big sized light boxes consist of glass surfaces with the following sizes: 260 x 180cm and 240 x 180cm. Four more light boxes were added in size 85 x 250cm and one situated in the infrared cabinet with size 80 x 250cm.

Fantastic pictures staged simply spectacularly.



The Renaissance Hotel in Wien with its 309 rooms was completely refurbished between the middle of 2014 and April 2015.

Our task was to furnish all bathrooms with large digital imprinted glasses for the back walls of the showers and the glasses situated above the bathtubs. Further we supplied a glass panel with graffiti-designs as a one-way semi-mirrored separator between the bathroom and living area. This resulted in a total volume of 2000 m2 imprinted glass, which we were able to supply prompt and with the full satisfaction of our customer.

At the same time we produced digital imprinted wall papers and glass cover panels for three elevators, further we created the digital imprinted glass panels for the lounge area, which are visible from both sides (of what) which has been integrated in a wooden frame closely resembling the Stephan’s dome structure.

Best you see for yourself!

The Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Schlanders, Italy is one of the large wellness-hotels in this area. During the winter of 2014 all of the rooms were fully renovated. Together with the owner we planned and realized the highlight of 40 bathrooms. Depending from the motive choice, the measurements, we manage the complete project independently from the production to the assembly works

In Vienna we found and bought a picture of reeds from a photographer, which then became the motive in all bathrooms.

The shower cabins have been completely coated with digital imprinted PP-glass and an UV layer was applied. In this project we successfully worked closely with various companies in Vienna.

Proud of his new bathrooms the hotelier is looking forward to welcome you in a unique and beautifully renovated hotel. One of the most spectacular Wellness Hotels in Vinschgau. 

The Holiday Inn, Frankfurt Mainzer Landstraße was a hotel project with 250 rooms. Digital Media GmbH produced the digital imprinted wallpaper for all the rooms, for which we obtained a license by the construction supervision authority. Printed on our Durst Rho 900 and cutted in very short time we packed up our products for each room separately, with the full satisfaction of our client.

Further we were responsible for labelling and installing the entire hotel including room numbers, signposts and emergency plans. The room numbers were realized with a direct printing procedure directly on oak wood. They appear and integrate themselves perfectly in the modern design of Holiday Inn.

All of the artwork was also realised by us (produced and installed). Large pictures in oak wood frames were pre-assembled directly on our production premises and hung up by our staff. Our technicians also installed Works with imprinted glass and neon light designs.

Overall a lovely and successful project.

The Arcona Living Hotel in Munich, about 10 minutes away from our premises was a home run.

The hotel fully dedicates itself to the topic of films. Viewed from outside it resembles a cinema. Thus our ideas and their implementation fully followed the theme of films.

The room numbers, which are taped on the wall behind glass, resemble cinema tickets. In the hotel lobby the use of digital imprinted wallpaper brings back to life old and new cinema legends. The meeting rooms were separated by one tone glass animated with cinema characters.

Coated glass ads very much to the concept oft he open kitchen concept.  Various printing techniques were applied by us to bring unforgettable film moments back to life.

A hotel which is more than just a hotel.

The high-end and privately managed PreMotel in Kassel opened its doors in February 2014. In the115 rooms with large prefabricated bathrooms, Digital Media produced respectively two rear panels for the showers.

Quality and execution met the highly pleased customer and the project was completed in due time. 

The project Keltenmuseum in Hohenasberg implemented in August 2013 is an outdoor museum.

Therefore we used our Print ProtectionTM Metal to print on Dibond in order to guarantee a long product life span in a weathered environment. Ten panels with size185 x 210 cm were imprinted and assembled in one piece.

Furthermore 16 VSG wipers in size 120 x 220 cm shape the character of the museum and were produced from two 8mm ESG glass, imprinted with our Print ProtectionTM glass

The task was to create a long-term print durability for an outside environment on glass and metal, simultaneously with high resolution and very small word characters. We are very proud to have completed the project on time and with positive resonance. 

The Panorama Hotel Oberjoch was a special project for us. For a well known hotel designer and a total of 115 rooms we imprinted melamine coated wood with a thickness of 19mm with four different pictures and implemented them as bed-heads up to the size of 280 x 180 cm. Some of these had to be sawed on premise in order to install them as part of the inner windows between bath and living room.

With our Print ProtectionTM Wood we were able to equip the prints scratchproof and chemical resistant. Also the milling of the window section on premise was no problem for the imprinted pictures.

Not only the beautiful bed-heads invite you to stay and relax.

At the Angelo Hotel Westpark in Munich, Digital Media got the chance to take care of all the illustrations in the rooms, corridors, lobby, restaurants, gym and bar. Without difficulties we produced and assembled more than 1000 pictures in a shadow joint framework and installed them in the rooms and corridors. Further we installed two-part glass pictures in the lobbies.

The hotel invites you to join a picture sightseeing tour through Munich. The black/white close-ups taken by Franz Moser, a photographer from Vienna were taken from the perspective of an architect. The photographs are not only interesting for visitors but also for locals as they shed light on aspects oft he city that one does not encounter on a daily basis.

The glass pictures in the four lobbies have a remarkable size of 230 x 150 cm and 90 x 150 cm that offer a gorgeous view of different locations, viewed when exiting the elevator. These coloured photographs from Claus Uhlendorf put Munich in the limelight with the help of contrast between edge and blurring. Our Print ProtectionTM covers the direct imprinted glass and allows to install the glasses directly on the wall with a bottom rail structure. 

Swimming Pool Enclosure made of coated Glass. The glass enclosure is coated with our PrintProtection™ suitable for salt and chlorine water and strongly uv-resistant. The enclosure has been necessary due to the strong winds pushing the water out of the Infinity Pool. The glass leads the water back to the water drain.

A reference project with style. Digital Media GmbH together with a glass processing partner could equip the guest rooms of the Scandic hotel in Berlin, Potsdamer Platz with digitally imprinted glass as partition between the living and bathroom areas with various floral motifs. 350 glass panes sized 70 x 150cm and 20 suites sized 246 x 129cm being cut with a mitre, needed to be produced scratch and water resistant with the special in-house method Print Protection®. The rooms appear inviting, warm and bright. You feel well all around and from the first moment like at home.

The project Generali headquarters in Cologne required maximum output of logistic accuracy. In this project, the whole building was to equip indoor, on all floors with digital imprinted, monochrome, industrially coated glass. The floors of the Board were artistically designed by renowned, international artists. Digital Media realized this artifacts on glass panes sized up to 11 x 3m.

More than 1,000 panes sized up to 1.10 x 3.21m needed to be digitally printed and refined with our product PPGlass®. The various formats were to sort for the purpose of construction progress, so that the localization of the pane in the building was clearly to identify in Cologne.

At the same time, hundreds of panes were to coat industrially. Also pictograms for emergency exits, fire extinguishers and much more had to be integrated.

Superb projects are shown in impressive pictures. A unique, new subway station with floral large pictures was built in Moosach. 690 cassettes of sheet metal sized 2.50 x 1.23m were supposed to cover the station’s side walls some in white, some with colors. The task was to coat 265 cassettes without print industrially on our in-house coating machine, in order to refine the lacquer and to make it resistant against dirt and at the same time resistant against high-pressure cleaner. Furthermore, 425 cassettes were to print digitally. Our special product PPMetal® was used, as the surface should be absolutely resistant against dirt and the associated cleaning with high-pressure cleaner as well. The digital print was carried out with our machine Durst Rho 900, which can process materials up to a thickness of 7 cm and with maximum speed. Have look at the site or with these impressive pictures.

Digital Media received the task to produce 700 highlight-presentation platforms for the international distribution channels of Audi . Extensive glass panels had to be coated with the metallic silver colour RAL 9006, therefore we used our Print ProtetionTM Coating and an extra purchased finishing line.

Different surface tensions in the glass panels which range up to 300 cm caused no problems and our perfect quality work convince the end costumer Audi.

Occhio GmbH, one of the fastest growing companies in the lighting-industry and market leader in the area of high-quality designer lamps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland staged this autumn its partner days in the ‘Haus der Kunst” in Munich. Around 1,000 clients saw for 2 days, what it means "light is evolution". Perfectly staged, the most recent products were presented to the clients in an exciting mix of information, discussions and show.

For this event, all rooms were fitted with oversized textile-cord edge frames and of course with the suitable illumination. All textile frames changed overnight the motif and hence created an important feature, to build the arc of suspense for the product presentation of the new Occhio "io 3D".

In our opinion a very successful event.

World famous – most differing named! The citizens of Munich call it affectionately the bowl or the silver bowl and mean the BMW-museum. For the temporary exhibitions of the BMW-museum, which was built already in the seventies and changes its exhibits in a rotation of 8-12 months, Digital Media contributes to the arrangement of the exhibition, either with the creation of the metonymy of the so-called info-balls or regarding the arrangement grids. Within short time, we produce and mount the picture information of the exhibition. See and be amazed at one of the most interesting museums in Munich.

Porsche – a global brand. With the company museum, Porsche build itself a architectural monument and registers a large sum of visitors each year. To maintain this trend the museum shows various exhibitions every year keeping the experience unique. We from Digital Media have supported Porsche with various advertising designs of the exhibition, for a few years now.

A very special highlight was the exhibition „50 years Porsche 911“ in 2013. See for yourself the fascinating pictures of the Porsche 911.

The furnishing of the BMW International Open golf tournament and the BMW Tennis Open is for Digital Media every year a highlight! Not only because of our enthusiasm for golf and sports. Since many years, Digital Media is one of the suppliers for imprinted rigid materials, here mainly PVC-styrofoam. We use here only the materials of the world’s top manufacturers and thus guarantee best quality in the shortest possible production time. With our Durst Rho 900, we produce high-resolution graphics / advertising posters in individual and serial production. Insofar, we are perfectly attuned to events like these.

Above the Danube, at the intersection of the highway Augsburg - Regensburg with the road to Weißenburg, the historic Roman fort Abusina is located near Eining (district Kelheim), recently costly renovated. This impressive Roman fort, being built already in the years 79-81 AD under imperator Titus as protection post for important road intersections, shows with demonstrative documentations at the ruins in pictures and partly acoustically, how the old Romans lived and resided at this place.

Digital Media has printed all documentation tables with Print Protection®. Print Protection® provides an improved protection against adverse weather conditions and direct solar radiation.