Subway Station Munich/Moosach
Germany, 2016

Great projects are shown in spectacular pictures. A unique, new underground station was created in Moosach with large floral pictures. 690 sheet metal cassettes in the 2.50x1.23m format were to clad the side walls of the station, partly white and partly colored. The task was to industrially coat 265 sheet metal cassettes unprinted on our in-house coating system in order to make the paint resistant to contamination and at the same time resistant to high-pressure cleaning. Furthermore, 425 sheet metal cassettes were to be digitally printed. Our special product Print Protection® metal was used, as the surface should also be absolutely resistant to dirt and the associated cleaning by high-pressure cleaners. The digital printing was created with the help of our Durst Rho 900 production machine, which processes materials up to a height of 7cm and at the highest speed. Convince yourself, on site or through these spectacular pictures.





Architecture and Interior Design

Subway Station, Munich

Metalprint with print protection®

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