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Print Protection®

Our certified PrintProtection products for all areas of application


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PPGlass ® - digital glass printing


Partition walls, meeting rooms, interior glazing, glass facades, kitchen niches, kitchen worktops, furniture fronts, glass tiles, swimming pools, bathrooms, wellness areas & spa's, presentation areas for the automotive industry.


Digital Media has built up a core competence in mastering the "glass printing" sector. The difficulty lies in the adhesion of the color ink to glass. Top quality is characterized by the highest level of scratch resistance, resistance to moisture and UV light. Moisture detaches the color ink from the Glass and UV light fades the colors, which means that they can no longer be used outdoors, e.g. on building facades, due to the moisture and UV radiation. Defects would also occur here in bathrooms, kitchens or wellness areas.


Digital Media has developed its own production process to solve these problems, which provides the highest UV protection, a high scratch resistance and resistance to emissions, salt water and chlorine. Certificates according to DIN EN ISO 2409 and DIN EN ISO 11507 are available.


This production process is used on all digital media glass products and is already being used successfully - among others in the automotive industry, in the baths & wellness / spa industry as well as in kitchens and architecture.

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PPCeramics ® - digital printed tiles


Areas of application:


When digital printing meets ceramics, real highlights are created. Whether as floor or wall tiles or as effective borders. The design knows no boundaries. Our PrintProtection® special process guarantees long-term durability indoors and outdoors, even against chlorine. Particularly in swimming pools, bathrooms, spa & wellness areas, an individual design based on the house is of decisive importance. Noble design to feel good. Then why should you buy tiles off the shelf?

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PPMetal ® - digital metal printing


Architecture, interior design, facades, advertising, train stations, subway stations, airports.


Digital printing on metal has advantages in many ways. Metals in their raw structure can help to create spectacular motifs if one has mastered the printing process. Metals are also an ideal medium when coated, not only for architecture and interior design, but also for special print motifs. The very good fire protection properties are often decisive for use.


Thanks to our specific PrintProtection printing process, you can also process the material after printing on metal. An important advantage! Because with conventional printing processes the printing film tears! But not with PPMetal ® .


Of course, we can also equip our product PPMetal ® with anti-graffiti protection for you. In case of a spray attack, all you need to do is apply our anti-graffiti gel. After just a few minutes, this can then be easily wiped off, including the graffiti paint.


Would you like to see a spectacular implementation of PPMetal ® ? Then you will be amazed at our reference project Munich / Moosach underground station. Have lots of fun with it!

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PPWood ® - digital printed wood


Interior design, hotels, bedheads, wellness & spa areas, sauna & steam baths, doors, partition wall systems, furniture industry


Wood is nature. The most beautiful designs are created by nature. That’s out of question. But very often wood is not left in its natural beauty but processed industrially. Since long we god used to this sight.


Give your wood application a new EXPERIENCE. With PPWood ® we transform your product into an emotionally inspiring object. Changing rooms in swimming pools become oases of well-being. PPWood ® makes the print scratch, water and cleaning agent resistant. Create competitive advantages through conceptual, customer-oriented design in all areas of your company.


Our PPWood ® has long since found its way into industry. Worldwide operating sauna & spa manufacturers have already recognized these possibilities. A sauna landscape is ultimately an investment project that has to generate the highest possible return on investment. Old wooden crates no longer reach customers. The demands have changed. Upgrade your investment property. The competition likes to be one step further. PPWood ® is the solution.


Certificates prove the harmlessness of using PPWood ® even under sauna and steam bath conditions. Tests have shown that PPWood ® does not emit any harmful emissions or odors even at 120° degrees Celsius. PPWood ® is resistant to temperature fluctuations, sweat, high humidity and high temperatures. We are happy to advise you holistically.


Do you need ideas on how to create WORLDS OF EXPERIENCE & WELL-BEING OASIS? Our design department will be happy to help you optimize your investment in the future.

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PPPlastics ® - digital printed plastics with added value


Construction boards, construction fences, construction signs, general signs, stadium advertising, cladding of all kinds indoor & outdoor, caravan interior cladding


Printing on plastics is one of our core competencies. The possible applications are diverse. In the classic advertising technology / large format digital printing area, this includes all forms of signage in indoor and outdoor situations, such as stadium advertising or building boards. Direct printing of rigid PVC panels for exhibition stand construction is also a typical application.


Our product PPPlastics ® goes one step further. Applications in which PPPlastics ® is used, for example, can be further deformed or even deep drawn after printing without the ink film tearing. Our process is used successfully in the caravan industry, for example.


Let us advise you. We would be happy to show you how you can open up an extended area of ​​application for your applications with PPPlastics ® .

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PPCoating ® - industrial surface coating


Facade construction, interior design, glass paneling, surface finishing, paint application on surfaces, presentation platforms for vehicles. (instead of vinyl wrapping)


For example, would you like to coat glass surfaces with colored or metallic paints? Then PPCoating ® is exactly the right thing for you. With PPCoating ® we offer you the option of industrial coating. With the help of our coating system, we can even refine large quantities of glasses or other materials such as metal or wood up to a maximum width of 150cm, whereby the length remains variable. This can be used, for example, to create glass facades or glass paneling.


For example, we were able to produce glass presentation platforms for a well-known vehicle manufacturer in RAL 9006 (silver metallic). Convince yourself of our capabilities and give us a call. We would be happy to advise you on your project.